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Why should I join?

Membership of the Old Sandbachians’ Association (OSA) may, to some, seem like an archaic hangover from a bygone era. It is true that 100 years ago it was the nearest thing to a Facebook group that the School could offer! But today, what is the OSA about, and why should you become a member?

The OSA exists today not only to promote the principles and traditions of Sandbach School, but to do what we can to enable Old Boys to meet, reminisce and give back to the School in some way. We do this through:

  • Social activities
  • Social media engagement
  • School interaction
  • Regular financial contribution each year to the Headteacher’s Social Fund
  • Fundraising for specific School needs

£20 is all it costs to join the OSA, including first-year subscription, and then just £15 per year. The membership year runs from 1st January – 31st December. (See rules for full details).

So, what do you get as a member?

  • An OSA tie
  • Discounts on all social events
  • Early booking opportunities
  • Members directory via the website (subject to individual agreement)
  • Members only content
  • The knowledge that you are regularly contributing to the School via the Headteacher’s Fund

The Headteacher’s Fund is used by the Head to do something extra for pupils who can’t afford something they need. In the past, it has helped pay for school trips when parents could not afford the money. More recently, current Headteacher Sarah Burns has told of how she has used it to provide breakfasts for boys to help them kick-start their day. The more members and more successful our events programme, the greater the contribution.

Social events are back on the agenda after an enforced absence. We are building an annual/bi-annual programme of events which include:

  • Lunch/Dinner at Sandbach School
  • Golf Day
  • London Reception
  • School History Tour (coming soon)
  • A revamped Christmas Drinks

So why not join? We have over 700 members on our Facebook page and if we can convert a large chunk of these into paid-up OSA members then, along with a successful programme of events, we could be providing thousands of pounds to the School each year. We may never fund a building, but we can help build great Sandbachians!

Ut Severis Seges, one more time! Download a form now and set up a standing order.

How do I join? To join, Click Here and complete our short Membership Application Form

Members are able to vote at the AGM, but events are open to all Old Boys, irrespective of whether they are paid up members, although we would encourage you to think about joining and set up a standing order for each summer.

If you have any questions at all, contact us at

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