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Why should I become a member of the Old Sandbachians’ Association?

Membership of the Old Sandbachians Association may seem to some as an anarchic hangover from another era. Let’s face it we don’t currently offer any real benefits for becoming a member – although we are always open to ideas! Yes you get to vote on issues pertaining to the constitution and at the AGM, but I think it is a fair question to ask “Why should I become a member of the Old Sandbachians’ Association?”

The answer is simply because it supports the school! Each year the OSA donates money to the Head Teacher’s fund. This is used by the Head to do something extra for pupils who can’t afford something they need. In the past it has helped pay for school trips when parents could not afford the money. More recently current Head Teacher Sarah Burns has told of how she has used it to provide breakfasts for boys to help them kick start their day.

Currently we give £750 to this fund and this primarily comes from Membership fees. We would love to give more but can only commit to do this if we have the money in the bank or on standing orders. We are grateful to all old boys who pay their membership through standing order and when they book for events. It would be great to increase the regular amounts and these can be paid by standing order by using our bank details in the attached membership form. Alternatively you can make a single payment for multiple years.

We keep the membership simple: £20 to join for which you get a tie (see we do give you something after all!) and then £10 a year following the academic year. We have minimal costs so your membership really does go to the school. 100 members would enable us to give £1000 at least.

The school always appreciates the money the Old Sandbachians Association gives, so why not take the plunge and join or renew today.

How do I join? – Please download the membership form and email it to

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Members are able to vote at the AGM, but events are open to all Old Boys, irrespective of whether they are paid up members, although we would encourage you to think about joining and set up a standing order for each summer.

Current Officers
President – Joe Riley
Secretary – Jeff Lewis
Acting Treasurer – Jeff Lewis

If you have any questions at all, contact us at