Rules of the OLD SANDBACHIANS’ ASSOCIATION (Adopted 2017)

  1. NAME
    The Association shall be called “THE OLD SANDBACHIANS’ ASSOCIATION” or abbreviated to “OSA”.
    The Old Sandbachians’ Association exists to uphold the traditional values and character of Sandbach School, through the maintenance of friendships past and present and the provision of beneficial support to the School by mutual agreement with the School.
    Any past members of Sandbach School shall be eligible for membership.
    Teachers and other staff of the School shall be Honorary Members whilst employed by the School.
    The Annual General Meeting shall have power to elect other persons Honorary Members or Honorary Life Members, including teachers and staff of the School on leaving the school or retirement.
  4. FEES
    Subscriptions of Members shall be such amount as may be determined by the AGM and shall be due on 1 August.  At the time of adoption in 2017 the annual fee is a Joining a fee of £20 and thereafter the sum of £10 per annum.  Each member shall receive on joining either an OSA tie or lapel pin.
    Any School leavers who go on to full time further education shall, upon application, become Student Members of the Association for a period of up to 4 years from the date of leaving School.  Student Members shall have equal rights as all other members save that the joining and ongoing fees shall only be payable at the end of the relevant period in further education.
    Apart from the exception for new Student Members payment of the annual subscription is a condition of membership.  Any subscribing member failing to pay his subscription after due notice for two consecutive years shall cease to be a member.
    The Association shall be managed by a General Committee consisting of the following:
  • Officers:
    President, Immediate Past President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Communications Officer.
    Where practical and / or necessary any Officer other than the President may hold a maximum of two (2) offices.
  • Ex Officio:
    One or more representatives of the School Head Boy and Head Girl Team, one member of School Staff and one representative of Sandbach Rugby Union Football Club.
  • Committee Members:
    Up to six other members representing all Old Sandbachians.The Committee shall be elected annually at the AGM.  The Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy that may occur.

    Retiring Officers shall be eligible for election, subject to the office of President not being held for more than three years in succession by the same member.

    At General Meetings 15 members shall form a quorum.  At Committee Meetings 5 members shall form a quorum.

    At Committee Meetings and General Meeting the President, Vice President or Past President shall preside.  In their absence, a member shall be elected to preside and the person presiding shall have a second or casting vote in the event of equality of votes.

    The Committee may from time to time appoint such sub-committees as may be deemed necessary and may depute or refer to them such powers and duties as the Committee may determine.

    The Committee shall determine a date for the AGM and Annual Dinner, and publicise this to all Members and other former pupils of the School.Any alteration to these rules can only be made at the AGM or a Special AGM.  Any proposed rule changes shall be agreed by the Committee and circulated by the Secretary to all Members at least 4 weeks prior to the AGM.  Members may vote either in person at the AGM or through formal communication as required by the Secretary in the issued notice of change. A simple majority of those returned votes shall carry any changes proposed by the committee