Join the Old Sandbachians’ Association Business Network

The Old Sandbachians’ Association invites you to join the
OSA Business Network

This is not a traditional Business Network. Yes – there will be opportunities to meet other business people. This is primarily about giving back to the school in the specific area of careers.

The network is for Old Sandbachians in all areas of industry, employed, self-employed, business owners or retired, who would like to support the School careers team provide advice and assistance to the Year 11 and 13 students (Fifth and Sixth form in old money!)

Support will range from industry “Spot Light” talks and Q&As to CV building and interview techniques, and for some it could be careers day to work placements. The goal is to build a network fo people of all skills and industries that the school could call on to help them deliver a first class service to the students.

If this is something you think you would be interested why not sign up to this new initiative via the form below.

After listening to our members, we have changed the approach so there will be no signing up fee for the OSA Business Network, although we would ask you to join the OSA if you are not already a member.

If you want more information please call Jeff Lewis (Secretary OSA) on 07837 363128 or email

Any information you would like to add.
If you are not a member and would like to join, please also complete our simple Membership Form HERE.
I understand and agree that information received by the OSA will only be used in relation to the OSA Business Network, except for where you are either already a member (in which case your existing consents apply and are unchanged), or you are joining as a member now (in which case your consent preferences can be selected on the membership form).