Sandbach Remembrance Sunday Parade 2023

As previously announced, for 2023, myself, OSA President Mark Bowland, and Secretary Jeff Lewis joined the annual Remembrance Sunday parade through the town, and jointly laid a wreath at the town’s War Memorial.

This is something we hope can become an annual tradition for the OSA, to remember those Old Boys of the school who gave their today for our tomorrow.

Many years ago (I’ve lost count), I joined the parade as an RAF cadet in the CCF. I uploaded pictures of one of those parades here.
Ever since, I have made the pilgrimage to Sandbach to watch the parade go through the town. This year, for the first time in all those years, I was actually a part of that parade again. A great honour, a very moving event and, frankly, ever-so-slightly terrifying.

As always I am amazed at the turn out. Seeing it from within the parade itself gives a different perspective. It felt like the entire town was there.

So…to pictures.

Firstly, our wreath, complete with our dedication to the Old Boys of the school who lost their lives and whose names are included on the War Memorial.

Next, here are Mark and Jeff on the parade itself.

Here are some shots of the service itself, around the War Memorial.

If you look closely, Jeff and Mark are in this shot, waiting to lay the wreath.

Finally, here’s the War Memorial after the service, showing all the wreaths.