Old Boys Assembly – Canada!

Old Boy’s Tied in - Alec Caruth, Peter Fleming, Mike Hunter

The OSA was delighted to receive a wonderful email, with photographs, from Alec Caruth, all the way out in Canada!

We’ve produced it in full below. Distance is never any object these days! Whether you’re still local to Sandbach or now live half way round the world, we’d love to hear from you! Please email us at secretary@oldsandbachians.co.uk.

As you see, we three went through the full “tie ceremony” this September – the presentation, the tie-on/up and the photo. The process was engaging and a source of merriment: the results unquestionably superb. This charming memento of years-ago proved quite a challenge for those no longer acquainted with the former-life, oft several-times daily, tie-tying rite but we managed. 

Photo was taken by Peter Fleming’s daughter Lisa in the garden of the best pub in Canada, the Crow & Gate, a Tudor reproduction, 20 minutes south of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. The 3 of us have congregated here every year for the last 10 years. We began as 4-some but thrice married Mike Williamson fell ill and died some years back.

Thank you for the ties and our 2 companions for the school tour.

On behalf of us all here,
Happy Christmas,

Old Boy’s Tied in – Alec Caruth, Peter Fleming, Mike Hunter
2012 – the original 4 – Mike Hunter, Mike Williamson, Peter Fleming, Alec Caruth