Committee Meeting July 2020

Old Sandbachians’ Association
Minutes of the Committee Meeting
Held by telephone
July 27thth, 2020


Jeff Lewis, Mark Bowland, David Osborne, Steve Hodgkinson, Syd Holland, Selwyn Burgess, Gilbert Turner

Apologies – John Hayward, Craig Howell, Alan Clarke

1. Welcome & Matters Arising

Jeff welcomed everyone and thanked them for joining.

2. Reg Dunning / Chapel Refurbishment

We remembered Reg and his contribution to the OSA. It was agreed that individuals should send a short tribute to Reg and we would put this on the website. Jeff to send to Mark.
Dave O explained that the school chapel will be refurbished over the summer. This would be done to the memory of Reg who was on the committee to raise teh funds to convert the room from the Boarders Diner in the 1950s. It was agreed

  1. OSA would pay for a plaque for outside the door
  2. We would invite old boys to contribute to the cost in memory of Reg
  3. We would hold a commemoration for Reg once the work was complete and combine with a short AGM (see below)

3. AGM and Officers

It was agreed that we would not be able to hold a dinner this year, but we should go ahead with a socially distanced AGM and refreshments when we do the service in the chapel.

With respect to officers, it was agreed

  1. Jeff will take on the treasurer role in the short term (and contact bank to move the signature authority)
  2. Steve & Jeff would be added to Joe as signatories to the account
  3. Jeff would ask John Hayward if he is ready to take on the President’s role next year.
  4. We would have another meeting to discuss the officers going forward.

4. London RAF Club

Jeff notified committee that he had moved the event to 20th March 2021.  It was asked if this could be brought forward by a week to 13th.  Jeff to ask question of RAF club


Membership and letters. – Jeff agreed he would put out a letter and remind people who are members to send payment in.

Gilbert said he had a number of photos which he would put on Flickr.  (Gilbert please resend the link)

Date of Next Meeting

To be advised

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