Committee Meeting January 2020

Old Sandbachians’ Association
Minutes of the Committee Meeting
Held at Sandbach School 6th Form Block
January 13th, 2020


Joe Riley, Jeff Lewis, Mark Bowland, David Osborne, Steve Hodgkinson, Alan Clarke, Craig Howell, Syd Holland, Reg Dunning, Geoff Piggott

Apologies – Selwyn Burgess, Sarah Burns

Welcome & Matters Arising

There were no matters arising not covered in other agenda items.  Joe noted that the Christmas Carol Service had gone well.

Treasurer’s Report

2019 Dinner – the final bill from the Dinner was not what had been expected and the final cost was about £5 more per head,  Steve read out teh explanation from Sodexo which pointed out that the original quote of £20 per head was based on 50 people and only 42 attended.  This meant the actual dinner was a loss of £189.  It was agreed to pay the invoice without further challenge and to note for future functions.

Museum – since the dinner the donations received amounted to £1714, including gifts from Jeff & Steve and Mike Roberts.  In total more than £2000 was raised towards the cabinets which have been paid for.  This was in line with our target so thanks to all.

The General account has a balance of £3135, which includes about £1000 for London 2020 tickets.

Sandbach Rugby Club Sponsorship

Joe said he had 14 out of the 20 places filled for the lunch which came with the sponsorship.  The details for the day are

  • Date 8 February 2020
  • Arrive car park 12 Noon
  • Lunch 12:30
  • Kick-Off 14:15
  • Anyone wanting to contribute should make a donation to the OSA

OSA Contacts and Coverage

Jeff stated we have only 220 confirmed email addresses.  The number shrinks as some addresses are work related and when a person moves the contact is lost.  We will address this in the next few months.

Facebook has about 420 members, of which more than half are in the 35 – 55 age bracket.  Jeff pointed out that statistically to reach younger demographic Twitter and Instagram are the leading social media apps, but require a more regular management which we cannot do.  The more interesting demographic is that 50% plus are local to Sandbach and we should target this audience for the June event and the Business Network (see below).  We have 9 countries represented outside the UK.

Mark went through the website (and a few corrections were made.)  On average we get 80-100 unique visits a week.  He pointed out that the key to success is our ability to add features and news on a regular basis.  So we asked for any interesting ideas.  It was agreed to ask Derek Dale a former headboy if he would meet up with the current headboy so we could

London 2020

Jeff stated that 42 confirmed bookings already, most of which had paid.  We agreed to chase those yet to pay and also to contact those who had been before.  The capacity is 60 and we have arranged for some table seating.

Jeff agreed to look into the ticket prices for March 28th

June weekend

Jeff and David presented a suggested agenda for the weekend of June 26-28th June.  The golf would be on the Friday, the AGM and lunch on the Saturday with the Las Vegas event in the evening.  To bridge the gap between we suggest a school & OSA combined cricket match and Tony Bartley to do a walking tour.  Sunday we would have a chapel service.

The school is happy to provide transport to and from Crewe Station in the morning, returning before the Las Vegas event.  It would be a buffet sat at tables.

There was some discussion about whether this replaced the dinner in Autumn.  Reference was made to the previous minutes where we had agreed not to state that the autumn meal was cancelled at this time and if the June event proved unsuccessful then we could still hold something in October, but the objective was to try something different and attract a wider audience.

Jeff agreed to document the proposed weekend structure and ask for feedback.

NOTE: After discussing the implication for regular attendees of moving the golf event from the 19th June , and the view that few are likely to come to the golf as it is part of a weekend, subsequent recommendation is to leave the Golf as planned.


Joe shared a number of old photos and reports with the committee which led to a discussion on personal memorabilia.  It was agreed that if committee members bring these to the next meeting David will arrange to scan them and we can use on the website.

David shared his ideas for an informal Old Sandbachians Business Network.  The launch date would be agreed prior to the next meeting.

Date of Next Meeting:

Monday 24th February 5pm Sixth Form Block

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