Annual General Meeting October 2019

Old Sandbachians’ Association
Minutes of the AGM held at Sandbach School Chapel
October 12th, 2019


Joseph Riley, Syd Holland, Selwyn Hughes, John Hayward, David Syson, John Bowman, Reg Dunning, Steve Hodgkinson, Jeff Lewis, Craig Howell, Glyn Robinson, Gilbert Turner, Stephen Hughes, Sarah Burns, Alan Clarke, David Johnson, Robin Astles

Welcome by The President

Joe Riley welcomed everybody and thanked them for attending


Simon Palfreyman, John Beardmore, Mike Roberts, Tom Bunn, Sam Collinson, Duncan McCargo, Colin brown,

Minutes of the 2018 AGM

The minutes of the 2018 meeting were read, and one item corrected.  Syd Holland was added to the list of General Committee members.

Proposed: Steve Hodgkinson, Seconded: John Bowman

Matter arising


Report of the Hon Treasurer

Reg presented the accounts and said that the paid-up membership was dropping.  Many of the standing orders were long standing and ended as old boys passed away.  That said there was a small surplus even allowing for donations to the museum.  The OSA had committed to pay for the museums which would cost £6406. Significant donations were yet to be received which amounted to circa £2000 which would rebuild some reserves.

Jeff Lewis pointed out that attendance at events was very important as most people who came would pay their subscription at that point.

The accounts were agreed by the AGM

Proposed: Steve Hodgkinson and  Seconded: Stephen Hughes

Report of the President

Joe Riley said that when he first stood as President there were more than 100 at the dinner. IT was sad that so few of the newer generation are not coming forward to join. He said it was an honour to serve as president again and had enjoyed the year with the Golf Day and commemoration service being two memorable days.

Appointment of the Officers and Committee

Joe Riley agreed to continue for a further year as President.  John Hayward was nominated as Vice President, with Jeff Lewis and Reg Dunning remaining in their positions for a further year.

Hon Secretary – Jeff Lewis

Hon Treasurer – Reg Dunning

Proposed: Steve Hodgkinson, Seconded: Selwyn Hughes

Committee Members

John Hayward, Selwyn Burgess, Tom Bunn, Geoff Piggott, Alan Clarke, Gilbert Turner, Steve Hodgkinson, Syd Holland, Craig Howell

Report on Head Teacher’s Fund

Sarah Burns thanked the OSA for the contribution but also for the museum.  The tours for parents always start in front of the museum cabinets.  Commemoration day in year 7 includes time spent in the room and she explained the new boys learn about the history of Sandbach School and its place in the history of the town.  She pointed out that without the museum many items would have been lost.

NOTE: At the dinner Sarah explained that the Headteacher’s fund had been used in 18/19 to help fund a programme to integrate a small number of pupils into the main school through a dedicated teaching facility.

It was agreed to continue to give £750 gain for school year 2019/20.

Proposed: Reg Dunning, Seconded: Jeff Lewis


  1. It was agreed to give a donation of £100 to St Mary’s Church to help restore a memorial to the school founders.
  2. Discussion took place to address the dwindling numbers for the dinner and AGM. The committee  was charged with investigating a lunch time reception in June, which would potentially include a link to the Golf Day, and evening vent and would be able to attract 6  Form leavers.
  3. The AGM was informed that the third London OSA Reception would take place on March 28th, 2020.
  4. Gilbert Turner raised the concern that some emails did not appear to arrive for him and was this happening to anyone else? Jeff explained it was impossible to tell, although any that bounced are tracked by the software.  He agreed to check for Gilbert’s address.
  5. Gilberta sked if we teh website could be revived. Jeff explained that what was needed was someone with time, as we have the domain name.  He was open to offers of assistance.

Joe Riley closed the meeting.

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